More info about Eames Office Chairs

Charles & Ray Eames have conceived 4 lines Office Chairs
- The Line ALUMINIUM GROUP of the office chairs EA 117 and EA 119 - version high backed - was designed in 1958 with a structure and a base of chromed aluminium which is light but sturdy. The upholstery is out of leather and straighten out over the lateral aluminium structure which eases the seating position. A real innovation which doesn't need a foam upholster, yet very comfortable. The height and inclination are ajustable and the entire seat is swivelling 360 °. The rollers are suitable for hardfloors and carpet.
- The Line SOFT PAD GROUP is completed in 1969 for the office chairs EA 217 and EA 219 - version high backed. The seats are larger and therefore more comfortable too, but the entire chair weights now more: 25 kg. Height and inclination are ajustable and the entire chair is swivelling 360 °.
- The Line LOBBY ES 104 was created in 1960 and is more of an armchair than just a chair, but comfortable and also heavier: 25 kg. Height and inclination adjustable, swivelling seat 360 °.
- The Line VISTORS EA 108 & EA 208 - ideal for visitors in your office. The height of these chairs are not adjustable and there is no inclination mecanisme and no rollers but both seats swivel 360 °. The chair EA 108 is the sisterchair of EA 117. The chair EA 208 is the sisterchair of EA 217.
Photos: Charles & Ray Eames