More about Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouvé born in 1901 in Paris, he died 1984 in Nancy. He was above all an autodidact. He started as an ironware merchant and became designer and architect few years later.
At the end of WW II he settled down in the town of Nancy where he was elected mayor. Jean Prouvé belonged to the group of pionneers which are deeply interested in technology and industrial design. 1931 he started his own company and in 1935, he designed "La Maison du Peuple" , House for the People in Clichy, a suburb in the north of Paris.
At once it was celebrated as the best in modern architecture. A close friend to Le Corbusier, he too started to design furnitures like the office desk Compas, chairs, bookstalls or the "Antony" beds. These furnitures are today very valuable. For instance an "Antony" chair might be sold at auctions for close to 40 000 €, an "Antony" bookstall for 160 000 € and his armchair "Kangourou" had been sold for 152 500 € in March 2001.His "Table EM" - EM stands for Entreprise Metalic - had been created in aluminium and steel in the 50ies being part of the project "Maisons Tropicales". One of these "Maisons Tropicales" was located in 1951 in Brazzaville, Congo.
Recently it was entirely deconstructed, renovated and rebuild again by Eric Touchaleaume and sold in auction in New York City for 5 millions dollars ! Another "Maison Tropicale" had been recuperated and is ever since 2007 installed on the fifth floor of the Centre Pompidou Art Center in Paris.